Rail passes & seat reservations

If you're planning a train trip in Europe, you'll need to decide if point-to-point tickets or a rail pass is better for you. The answer largely depends on the number and types of trains you'll be taking as well as how far in advance you're booking, how much ground you hope to cover, and how flexible your plans are. 

Please note that Loco2 does not sell rail passes or rail pass reservations. 

If you're planning a lot of journeys at short notice, an InterRail or Eurail pass might be less expensive than buying point-to-point tickets, but it depends on whether your plans are flexible and how far in advance you plan your trip. Below we offer information on rail passes vs point-to-point tickets, as well as seat reservations.  


Point-to-point tickets

Point-to-point tickets are a better deal if you have fixed plans to visit only a handful of places and take high-speed or international trains such as ICE or Eurostar. You'll also save by booking these in advance. They are what they sound like: tickets from one point to another. Most of these include seat reservations and, with a few exceptions, are valid only for the specific train you've booked. They may be refunded or exchanged depending on the fare conditions you choose. 

Note that if you have a rail pass and want to take a high-speed or overnight train, you may be required to buy a seat reservation (see below).

Rail passes

Rail passes are less expensive than point-to-point tickets if you are planning a lot of journeys at short notice, perhaps by slower regional trains. These often don't include seat reservations, so you may need to book them separately. 

We currently don't sell Interrail or Eurail passes on Loco2, since they can only be issued by post. However, you may find the following sites useful: 

It's also possible to purchase reservations via  Voyages-SNCF

If you choose a rail pass you'll need to do some research to understand which trains require a supplement versus those that are included. We don’t sell Interrail passes or reservations since they can only be issued by post, and therefore aren't suitable for many of our users. 

Seat reservations for rail passes

Most high-speed and overnight trains require a seat reservation, so if you decide to travel with a rail pass you'll need to make sure you book your seat in advance. Unfortunately, we can't currently book seat reservations for rail passes on Loco2, so you will need to reserve seats elsewhere (such as at the station). 

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