Submitting a claim to SNCF

If your French train is delayed or disrupted, you can submit a claim directly to SNCF. The following guidelines will assist you.

This article applies to all customers who book SNCF tickets (including TGV, TGV-Lyria etc). A different process applies to Renfe-SNCF trains between France and Spain e.g. from Paris to Barcelona. For these, see Submitting a claim to Renfe.


Am I eligible for compensation?

If your train was a TGV or Intercités train, you can check the punctuality of your train online to see if you're entitled to compensation.

You will need the following information to hand, all of which can be found in your Loco2 account, confirmation email or tickets.

  • Departure station (Gare de départ)
  • Arrival station (Gare d'arrivée)
  • Date of travel (date de départ)
  • Train number (Numéro de train)
The form is in French so if you don't feel confident, use Google Translate to view it in your own language.

Once you submit the form, you will see a summary of the delay which includes the scheduled arrival time, actual arrival time, the reason for the delay and if you are eligible for compensation from SNCF.

Submitting a claim

You can submit claims for delayed TGV or Intercités trains online, including trains to/from Italy, Germany and Switzerland. For all other claims, you will need to submit your claim by post.

You will need the following information to hand, which you can find in your Loco2 account, or on your tickets or confirmation email.

  • The surname of the lead passenger
  • Your PNR (Référence Dossier Voyage)

You can submit your claim in one of two ways:

Online: Claims for delayed TGV or Intercités trains can be submitted  by completing this form
By Post: You can fill in this form and submit it by post. Enclose your tickets and return to Service Garantie Ponctualité SNCF - BP 12013 - 14089 CAEN Cedex 9, FRANCE. In some cases, SCNF staff will distribute "punctuality" envelopes ( enveloppe régularité) at the station which you can also use to file a claim by post. It's compulsory to submit your claim by post if your tickets were sent by post or collected from a machine.

A different process applies to Renfe-SNCF trains between France and Spain e.g. from Paris to Barcelona. See Submitting a claim to Renfe. For regional TER trains in France, you will need to contact the regional authority directly. See Submitting a claim for regional trains

How will the refund be paid?


The default method of compensation is a voucher (called Bons Voyage) which you can redeem at a ticket office in an SNCF station, SNCF boutique in France or online on the SNCF website (French version only).

If you select this option (or your delay was less than 60 minutes) and are entitled to compensation, an email containing the voucher and information about how to use your voucher will be sent to you directly by SNCF. Vouchers are issued by email in the form of an alphanumeric code, that is valid for one year.

You can also  contact us to redeem this voucher in the form of a refund.

Bank transfer

For delays greater than 60 minutes, you can request a bank transfer to receive your compensation.

Just select Virement (transfer) from the "type de compensation" menu and enter your bank details - BIC code and IBAN number. You can usually find these numbers on your bank statement, but ask your bank if you're aren't sure.

Approved payments will be made via bank transfer to an account specified by you. SNCF will email you with information about receiving approved funds.

Some users have reported problems entering their details, which seems to be related to the length of their IBAN number (French banks have extra digits, called Relevé d’Identité Bancaire which makes them longer than non-French banks). If you see an error message that indicates that the format of one of the fields is incorrect ( Une ou plusieurs données ne respectent pas le format habituellement utilisé) you should submit your claim by post.

Claiming additional expenses

In most cases, your costs will be covered by your insurance provider, so it’s a good idea to check with them first.

SNCF will consider (but not guarantee) reimbursing travellers for expenses that were incurred as a direct result of your delayed or cancelled train, and were unavoidable. For example:

  • Overnight accommodation
  • Food
  • Transport between the station and your accommodation
  • The cost of calling anyone who was waiting for you at your destination

SNCF will not cover any other expenses, such as the cost of alternative transport if you decided not to wait for the next available train, or a missed onward connection such as a flight. You would need to pursue a refund for this kind of expense via your travel insurer.

Making a claim

If you need to make a claim for additional expenses, you should make your claim via this form instead of the G30 delays form. You will need the following information, which you can be found in your Loco2 account, tickets or booking confirmation email:

  • The surname of the lead passenger
  • Your PNR (Référence Dossier Voyage)

Once you've entered this information select "Valider" in the bottom right hand side of the page. On the next page, please select " Le problème concerne - Voyage" "Trafic Pertubé" and "Prise en charge". Then you will then be asked to select which train was disrupted.

Finally, you will be able to add any comments and attach any supporting documents documents to your claim. To facilitate a speedy resolution, we recommend that you submit this information in French, using Google translate if necessary.

Submitting a claim for regional trains

If your tickets are for travel on a regional train ( TER), you will need to submit a claim to the specific region directly. You can submit your claim by post or by using the online Contact form for the regional office. The contact details are as follows:

Region Postal Address Online
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Centre de relation client TER Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
TSA 71500
63010 Clermont Ferrand CEDEX 1
Contact form
Bourgogne-Franche-Comté CONTACT SNCF
BP 71273
25005 Besançon CEDEX 03
Contact form
Brittany Service Clientèle TER Bretagne
BP 90527
35005 Rennes CEDEX
Contact form
Centre-Val de Loire Contact TER Centre-Val de Loire
BP 40 625
37206 Tours CEDEX 03
Contact form

Grand-Est Contact TER Grand Est
BP 10056
67067 Strasbourg CEDEX
Contact form
Hauts-de-France Service Relations Clients TER Picardie
BP 91026
80010 Amiens CEDEX 1
Contact form
Normandy Service Clientèle TER Normandie
BP 696
76008 Rouen CEDEX
Contact form
Nouvelle-Aquitaine n/a Contact form
Occitanie Contact TER Occitanie
BP 31025
34006 Montpellier CEDEX 1
Contact form
Pays de la Loire
Service Relations Clients TER Pays de la Loire
BP 34112
44041 Nantes CEDEX 1
Contact form
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur n/a Contact form

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