Germany: Delays & disruptions

Engineering works are happening in Germany. Major disruptions are listed below. You can check the status of a train on Deutsche Bahn's website and with Deutsche Bahn's traffic forecast tool.


Current disruption

National Rail Strike (Belgium)

13 February 2019

A general strike has been announced for the 13th of February in Belgium.  Deutsche Bahn's international long-distance trains to and from Belgium are unlikely to be affected and it is recommended that customers travel on long-distance trains only on the following routes:

  • Bruxelles - Liege - Aachen - Cologne - Frankfurt (M) Airport - Frankfurt (M)
  • Frankfurt (M) - Nuremberg - Munich

Increased travel times (Frankfurt - Cologne)

Expected until 14 February 2019

Due to disruption between Porz (Rhine) and Cologne Steinstra├če, trains have to be diverted to Cologne (M). This can lead to a travel time extension of 5 to 10 minutes. The following long-distance route is affected:

Frankfurt (Main) - Siegburg / Bonn - Cologne

Trains of the opposite direction, towards the south (Siegburg / Bonn - Frankfurt (Main)), are not affected.

What to do if you experience a delay

Please speak to staff on the train or at the station if you are delayed. They will have the most up to date information and can tell you what to do. Also ask the staff to stamp your ticket with proof of delay. This will make it easier for you to travel on later trains.

Keep all of your tickets until you return home. They can be used to submit a claim to the rail operator if you incur any unavoidable additional costs (new tickets, taxis).

For more information, please see our Help article: What happens if I miss my connection. If you need to submit a claim, see: Submitting a claim to Deutsche Bahn.

If you have tickets for onward travel on trains which are scheduled to run as normal, refunds and exchanges are only permitted as per fare conditions.

Please note that this information is provided by the rail operator and cannot be guaranteed by Loco2.

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