Train seating plans

On this page you'll find links to train seating plans, showing the layout and numbering of seats and sleeping berths for a range of different trains in Europe. (To read more about your train and it's amenities, please see our dedicated Train Guides on our Discover page.)

We know lots of travellers like to see the layout of trains/carriages so we've added as many useful links as possible.

However, we can't guarantee the accuracy of the seating plans, so please take them with a pinch of salt. Keeping all the links up to date is tricky, so please report any broken links or let us know if you come across any new train seat plans.

Note that is is not usually possible to change seats after booking, so please take care to review the allocated seats before checkout. See also: Seating preferences & choosing a seat.



Original Eurostar seating plan

Refurbished Eurostar seating plan - e300

New Eurostar seating plan - e320


Thalys seating plan


TGV Atlantic seating plan

TGV Duplex seating plan

TGV Euro Duplex seating plan

TGV Sud-Est seating plan

TGV France to Italy seating plan

TGV Paris to Luxembourg seating plan

TGE  Tri-Courant R├ęseau seating plan

TGV Lyria

TGV Lyria


The Spanish rail operator, Renfe, has an extensive list of all of their trains' seating plans. We've included some of the most popular here. 

AVE Madrid to Seville seating plan

AVE Madrid to Malaga, and Barcelona to Seville seating plan

AVE Madrid to Barcelona seating plan


ICE seating plan


Railjet seating plan (Munich-Vienna-Budapest)


Italo seating plan


Frecciarossa ETR 500 seating plan

Frecciargento ETR 600, 610 and 485 seating plans

Thello night train

Thello night train seating plan (Venice, Verona, Milan to Paris)

Bernina Express

Bernina express seating plan

Intercites de Nuit

Intercites de Nuit seating plan*

*For details on seat numbering and overnight trains, please see our Help article  Booking couchettes & sleeping compartments.

UK Rail operators

Virgin Trains seating plan

Virgin Trains East Coast (electric) seating plan

Virgin Trains East Coast (diesel) seating plan

CrossCountry Voyager / High Speed / Turbostar Trains

Hull Trains

Trans-Pennine Express

Grand Central

Seating plans for trains are provided via links to the relevant rail operator. They remain the property of the operator, who retain any applicable copyright. The contents of the seating plans, including their accuracy, should be considered a guide only and cannot be guaranteed by Loco2. 

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