Finding your Loco2 booking reference

Your Loco2 order reference can be found in your booking confirmation email and in the "Your trips" tab after you log in to your account. It contains lots of information about your booking and if you include it in your email to us, it will help us to answer your questions more efficiently. 


What to look for

Our booking reference starts with "LO-" and is followed by six alphanumeric (both letters and numbers) characters e.g. "ABC123". For example "LO-ABC123". 

Your account

If you have signed up for a Loco2 account, you can find your Loco2 order reference by clicking "Hi" > "Your trips" at the top of the page: 

Select the booking you want to find the reference for. Your Loco2 order reference will then be visible on the right hand side of the page: 

Your booking confirmation email

Your order reference can be found at the very bottom of your confirmation email next to the total amount paid for your tickets. 

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