Setting up or managing booking alerts

If booking for your travel date isn't open yet, you can set up a booking alert and we'll send you an email as soon as we've found tickets for your search.

The booking horizon (how far in advance you can book) varies between rail operators and countries in Europe. We recommend setting up alerts for each leg of a long distance journey; that way you'll be notified as soon as tickets for each part become available. You can find more information in our articles Troubleshooting a failed search and Booking journey legs separately. If you decide to wait until all parts of your journey become available you can save your searches.  


Setting up a booking alert

Run a search

Enter your destination and dates and search for trains, even if you know that it's too early to book. If you need help running a search, see Getting Started with Loco2

Set an alert

If booking isn't open, you'll see an option to set an alert.

Provide your details 

If you're signed into your account, your email address will appear automatically. If not, type it in and hit "Send me an alert". We'll send you an email right away to confirm that your alert has been set.

Sometime later: Today's the day!

As soon as booking opens, we'll send you an email with a link to your search. Click the link and you'll get right to your results. If for any reason your results aren't as expected, contact us and one of our train geeks will troubleshoot your search for you.

Managing a booking alert

If you want to check the details of your alert or if your plans change, you can log in or register for an account to manage your booking alerts online

Even if you didn't have an account when you set the alert, if you use the same email address to register for one your alerts will be available to view and edit. It is possible to view alerts, including the outbound and inbound departure time and date that you specified. 

You can see the travel date and time you have set the alert for below the journey title.   

Clicking the edit button (indicated by the pencil icon) will take you back to your original search, where you can change the time, date or stations. This will set a new alert rather than replacing the original. You can delete any unwanted alert by clicking the bin icon. 

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