Changing trains in Lille

Many travellers from the UK to France opt to change trains in Lille, since it can be easier than changing stations in Paris, particularly for families or those less confident crossing Paris. 

Often there are fewer connecting trains from Lille, so the overall journey time may be longer but it may be preferable depending on your needs. However, changing trains in Paris needn't been stressful, and most station transfers are straightforward if you plan carefully. For help and advice, read our guide:  Changing trains in Paris.


Interchange versus transfer

An interchange is a change between trains that arrive and depart from the same station. You will be required to disembark from the first train and walk to the main concourse and view the digital displays to find out which platform your connecting train departs from. 

A transfer means that you will need to travel between stations, either on foot, by taxi or on public transport. Any additional costs will not usually be included in the price of your ticket. 

For more information, including how to increase the amount of time between trains, read:  Understanding Interchanges and Transfers

Interchange: Changing trains at Lille Europe station

Changing trains at Lille Europe is very straightforward. It is a large modern station, serving international and domestic trains. The station is well-signposted in multiple languages so you should have no trouble getting around.
If you are  collecting French train tickets at Lille Europe, look out for SNCF collection machines. There's lots of them and they're bright yellow so are practically impossible to miss.  
Remember if you're catching a Eurostar train to arrive at least 30 minutes before departure to complete customs and check-in. We recommend allowing an hour to be on the safe side.  

Map of Lille Europe

Transfer: Lille Europe to Lille Flanders

Lille-Flandres is less than 10 minutes' walk away from Lille-Europe station. 
To get from one station to the other, just follow signs from the platform. Walk off the main concourse through the main pedestrian exit, down the escalators to an area underneath a road bridge. Walk straight ahead along the main road into town, until you come to Lille-Flandres.
Once you're in Lille-Flandres, check the departure boards for your train time and number to find the platform for your onward train. 

Transfer: From Lille Flandres to Lille Europe

Exit Lille-Flandres station and follow the signs to Lille-Europe. The transfer takes less than 10 minutes on foot. 
On arrival, check the departure board to find the platform for your connecting train. 

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