Submitting a claim to Thello

This article is for travellers seeking compensation for delays, cancellations or discomfort during travel (e.g. broken air conditioning) for Thello train tickets between Italy and France. You'll need to submit your claim directly to Thello within 60 days of your travel date.


Required documents and details

You will need the following to submit a claim:

Appropriate form
There are different processes and online forms for high-speed/intercity and regional trains. See the instructions for different train types below.
Your PNR
Your "PNR code" is a 6-character reference that is used by the operator to identify your tickets. All Thello tickets are paperless, so you won't have a physical ticket to submit. A copy of your Loco2 confirmation email, which includes your PNR, is sufficient.
Train number
You can find this in your Loco2 booking confirmation email, e.g. Thello 221.
Bank details
You'll need an IBAN and BIC/Swift code to receive a bank transfer directly from the rail operator if your claim is approved. You can usually find these on your bank statement but if you aren't sure, please contact your bank.
Receipts for any other expenses incurred (if applicable)
If applicable, you should submit receipts for expenses in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage, e.g. alternative transport/taxi receipt, or a hotel bill if overnight accommodation was necessary. A photo/scan of these documents is acceptable, but we recommend retaining the original copies until your claim is resolved.

Submitting your claim

You will need to complete and submit the following complaint form on the Thello website. You can also fill out a form for postal delivery, and either hand it in to a Trenitalia ticket office or send it by registered mail to:

  • Thello – Service Clients, B.P. N 10308, 75563 PARIS CEDEX 12, France

All compensation claims, either uploaded online or sent by registered mail, must include a PDF of the confirmation email (including the PNR code).

You'll need to include:

  • Explanation/reason for request.
  • Copy of Loco2 confirmation email (including the PNR code) as a pdf.
  • Bank account details.

Thello will pay approved compensation via bank transfer, to the bank account you specify. Claims will usually be processed within 20 days but may take longer if there is a high volume of claims e.g. due to a strike.

Online claims sometimes fall to submit the generic error message: "your message could not be sent". There are various reasons that this error message might be displayed. The most common is the presence of non-alphanumeric characters.

Omit any unusual characters (e.g. & # +) when you complete the form. For example, do not include # when you enter the train number, only enter the number itself. And for telephone numbers use "0044" not "+44". 

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