How to get & use paperless train tickets in Italy

Paperless train tickets In Italy are very common. Instead of a paper ticket you'll simply get a code to show the ticket inspector. No printer required! 

You can present paperless train tickets on a smartphone or other mobile device, or you can simply write the reference down. Of course you can always print it out too, and we always recommend a hard copy backup. Just make sure the code is legible.

Choosing your delivery method

 After you search for trains, go to the pink Ticket Details button, and you will see an option for paperless tickets: 

Image of ticket details page

A few trains in Italy don't yet have paperless tickets. For these, you will be offered print-at-home tickets.

Your  booking confirmation email, order details page and Loco2 account all contain your 6-character reference, called a PNR (Passenger Name Record), which is your paperless ticket code. This is what you'll present to the ticket inspector. Your name or Loco2 details aren't enough; without the PNR, you could be fined. 

Order details with PNR

When you buy a return ticket, the PNR will be the same for both outbound and inbound journeys.

We have had a few isolated incidences where Swiss ticket agents have not recognised paperless Trenitalia references at the station. Please note that you do not need to show this reference to Swiss staff at the station nor do you need to collect anything at the station. Trenitalia staff will check your ticket on your international train.

Do I need to validate my tickets?

You don't to validate paperless tickets. If you have a paper ticket that has been collected from a self-service machine, you may be required to validate your ticket prior to travel. Please see our Help article Validating tickets at the station.

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