Exchanging your ticket

If fare conditions permit, you can change SNCF and Renfe tickets via your Loco2 account.

Please note that Trenitalia tickets can only be changed at a ticket office in Italy, and we must change Italo tickets on your behalf. For information about changing UK tickets, please see Exchanging UK Advance tickets.

Exchanges are dependent on the fare conditions of your tickets, so check those first to see if changes are allowed and on what terms. If permitted, you can usually exchange your tickets in your account.

If you can't change your tickets, check if you can refund your tickets instead. This applies to Trenitalia, Italo and UK tickets.


How to exchange your tickets

Locate your order in your account and read the fare conditions associated with the ticket you want to change.

If you didn't sign up for an account when you placed the order, you can sign up now using the same email address and any associated bookings will appear automatically.)
Note if there are fees for making a change, or other relevant conditions. For example, most changes can only be made before the booked departure.

If you have already collected paper tickets, exchanges may only be possible at the station. See our advice about changes at short notice.
Click on "Exchange options" and choose the tickets you'd like to change. Note that some rail operators only permit exchanges for all passengers or both legs of a return journey. In some cases, it may be more practical to check if you can refund and rebook individual tickets instead.
Choose a new date and/or time and search for trains. Note that it isn't possible to change the route so this is preset. If you need to change the route, you should check if you can refund your tickets instead.
Select your new trains and tickets. You can upgrade your tickets here, for example upgrading from Standard Class to First Class (it isn't usually possible to downgrade tickets). Proceed to "Ticket Details".
Specify any seating preferences (we can't guarantee your preference, but we'll do our best) and 'Quote' to see the price for completing your exchange. At this stage, you won't be committed to changing your tickets.
Review the details of your exchange, making a note of the amount due which includes the rail operator's fees (if applicable) and any difference in price for your new tickets.
It is not possible to change your mind after you click "Confirm" so make sure you're happy with the amendments and any additional money due before proceeding.

If an additional payment is due you'll be taken to a new page to pay for your new tickets. Note that you won't be able to access tickets in your account until you've paid for your exchange.
Once confirmed, you'll receive an email containing your new itinerary and tickets. You'll also be able to access your tickets in your account.

Changes at short notice

If you need to make changes at short notice, please make sure you have enough time to choose new tickets and pay before starting the exchange process.

If time is of the essence and fare conditions permit, it may be more practical to refund tickets in your account and book new tickets.

If you're already at the station or have collected paper tickets, you should ask staff if they can exchange tickets on your behalf. SNCF and Eurostar staff, for example, can access and change your tickets using your PNR reference (a six-digit code that can be found on your tickets).

Note however that this isn't always possible. For example, the Spanish rail operator, Renfe, insists that all changes are made via Loco2. In this case, we recommend exchanging tickets in your account or refunding them in your account and booking new tickets instead.

Manual exchange requests

If for some reason you are unable to change your tickets via your account you can contact us for help. Note that we can't guarantee changes that are requested at short notice. Although we usually reply to emails on the same day, we may not be able to arrange a same-day exchange request or one made outside UK office hours.

If you do contact us, please be specific about the change you are requesting - include your order reference, the date, time and class of your preferred new train, and check the fare conditions and price of new tickets in advance so you understand the potential cost.

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