Exchanging your ticket

Exchanges are dependent on the fare conditions associated with your tickets. As an agent, we are bound by the fare conditions that have been set by the rail operator, so we can only amend or cancel your order if the fare conditions explicitly permit it. If you've booked a ticket with fare conditions that permit an exchange, you can request this in your account as described below. 


Ticket types, fare conditions & exchange fees

We have a detailed Help article  explaining fare conditions in full, but in general, the flexibility of tickets often correlates with the price. The cheapest tickets are typically non-exchangeable and non-refundable, and more expensive fares offer greater flexibility. However, there are exceptions so you should always check the fare conditions associated with your tickets before buying.

Exchange fees
  • Cancellations and exchanges may incur a fee that is applied by the rail operator. The applicable fee will be specified in the fare conditions associated with your order. 
  • Any credit card or postage fees you may have incurred are non-refundable.

Depending on the fare conditions associated with your order, you may be permitted to exchange tickets for an alternative service. However, there are some important restrictions:

  • When permitted, exchanges are restricted to the same route and rail operator. Amendments are typically limited to changing the time/date or class of the reservation, the route may not be changed
  • All exchanges are subject to availability in the same fare type as the original ticket. If no availability exists, you may be able to exchange for another fare type or upgrade at additional cost. It is not usually possible to downgrade your ticket. 
  • It is not usually possible to exchange or refund tickets at the train station unless explicitly confirmed in the fare conditions or by a member of Loco2 staff prior to travel. 
  • If changes are required at short notice, and outside Loco2’s opening hours, we recommend speaking to staff at the departure station prior to departure. However, this is at the discretion of the rail operator. You are advised to retain all proof of purchase for new or replacement tickets. 

Refund and Rebook

  • Where refund and exchange conditions are the same, Loco2 offers a "refund and rebook" policy. In these cases, one of our train geeks will ask you to book new tickets for your preferred service. Your existing order will be refunded as per the fare conditions. 
  • For "Refund and rebook" exchanges, any credit card fees you may have incurred are non-refundable. 
  • When cancellations incur a greater penalty than an exchange, an exchange will be offered. You will be required to pay any difference in price for your original and new tickets, or will be refunded as applicable.     
  • Please read the fare conditions of your tickets thoroughly before requesting a refund or exchange via your account. If you wish to refund and rebook your ticket or are unsure about your fare conditions, please email us at hello@loco2.com first so we can advise you the best way to proceed. 

How to exchange your tickets 

Please note that currently it's only possible to request an exchange for Eurostar tickets from your Loco2 account. If you haven't already  signed up for a Loco2 account, you can do so after completing your booking to apply for an exchange or refund. 

For all other exchange requests please send an email to hello@loco2.com with your  Loco2 order reference (it begins with"LO-") and a link to your new intended journey. 
Click "Hi" at the top of the page and select Your trips.
You will see all of your upcoming journeys. Click "details" for the journey you wish to exchange to see the fare conditions of your ticket and request an exchange. 
After you click "Request exchange," a dialogue box will open. It will explain your fare conditions and invite you to create a search for the new service you wish to take. Let us know what changes you want to make and include the details of the journey you would like to take instead. 
Once you've checked that all the information is correct, and your link shows results for your chosen train, click "Request ticket exchange".

Sharing the URL of your Loco2 search results for a specific train service is an efficient way to let us know exactly which train you want to exchange your tickets for. Please see  Sharing & saving search results for help doing this.
Please note that you can only exchange the date, time or class of a Eurostar ticket. You cannot change the itinerary; destination and origin must be exactly the same as the original for your new journey. 
We will receive the details of your request and send you an email with a price quote for the exchange. Once you've confirmed the price estimate, we will perform the change and send you a secure link to make any additional payment required. After you've made payment, we'll send you your new tickets. 

Upgrading a ticket

If you want to upgrade your ticket to a higher class, you'll need to either exchange it or refund and then rebook it depending on the specific fare conditions. An upgrade functions as an exchange, since you are changing one travel class to another. If your fare conditions are non-refundable and non-exchangeable, it won't be possible to upgrade your ticket. 

Claims for non-flexible tickets (illness or bereavement)

If you have non-exchangeable and non-refundable tickets you may be entitled to a refund in exceptional circumstances, for example serious illness resulting in the hospitalisation of a passenger or death of a close relative. 

Cases such as these are assessed by the rail operator on a case by case basis, who will request paperwork to accompany your claim. If you have non-flexible tickets and believe you may be eligible you should email us at hello@loco2.com. Please provide as much details as possible so we can prepare a claim on your behalf.   

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