Checking in for Eurostar

Eurostar check-in for passengers with Standard Class and Standard Premier tickets closes 30 minutes before departure. You must check in at least 30 minutes before departure, or 45 minutes at busy times such as weekends and bank holidays. Business Premier passengers must check in at least 10 minutes before departure.


When to check in

How early you check in for your train depends on your travel class:

Traveller type Minimum time before departure
Standard 30 minutes (45 mins on weekends and bank holidays)
Standard Premier 30 minutes (45 mins on weekends and bank holidays)
Eurostar™ carte classique holders 30 minutes (45 mins on weekends and bank holidays)
Business Premier
10 minutes
Eurostar™ carte blanche holders 10 minutes
Travellers who need assistance boarding the train. See Eurostar's advice for those with special travel needs page for more information. Please allow an extra 30 minutes in addition to the check-in time listed above
All travellers for direct Avignon or ski services Please allow 1 hour to make sure you have time to load ski or snowboarding equipment

* Eurostar carte blanche members may take one guest through Business Premier check in on weekdays and up to 4 guests on weekends.

Check in at Brussels Midi/Zuid
Check-in at Brussels opens once the previous service has departed, so advanced check-in time will vary.

What is required at check-in

  • Eurostar passengers require a valid passport or identity card. You will pass through UK, French or Belgian customs depending on the journey you are undertaking.
  • Non-EU passengers are responsible for checking if a visa is required for travel, prior to purchasing tickets.
  • Children under 4 years old travel free with Eurostar, so they don’t have to be included in your booking and won’t require a ticket. They won’t have a luggage allowance or a seat, so they will need to sit on the lap of a parent or guardian. However, children will still need their own passports, even infants.
Exit checks are now in place when leaving the UK. Your passport will be checked by UKBA security staff before being checked by French passport control. This will only take a few minutes.

Collecting Eurostar tickets

If you have collect-at-station tickets that you’re picking up on the day of travel, be sure to leave a little extra time in case there’s a queue. Our Help article contains detailed instructions for collecting Eurostar tickets.

Manual check-in for Deutsche Bahn tickets

If you have a Deutsche Bahn ticket that includes travel on the Eurostar (for example a London Sparpreis fare), you will need to go to the manual check-in desk. Simply present your print-at-home Deutsche Bahn ticket to staff, who will print a boarding pass for you.


  • You don’t need to check in luggage as long as it's within your allowance. There is no luggage weight restriction on Eurostar; you just have to be able to carry your bags onto the train. See our luggage requirements article for more information.
  • All luggage should be clearly marked with the traveller's name and address. Labels are available at the station.

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