Collecting UK train tickets

This guide contains step-by-step instructions for collecting UK rail tickets from self-service machines at the train station. The branding of machines will vary between stations but the process is the same. For information about ticket types and their availability, see also our Help article on different ticket delivery options.

Please note that if you've booked a return journey, all of your tickets and seat reservations will be printed at once. Please wait for all the coupons and collection receipt to be dispensed. The collection receipt will be the final item printed. 


UK ticket collection machines: Appearance & location

You can find self-service ticket collection machines at over 1,000 stations across the UK rail network. The appearance of the machines varies, but all machines, regardless of branding, can dispense tickets for any train. 

UK ticket collection machines

Collecting tickets: Quick reference guide

  • Your tickets can be collected from any station with ticket collection facilities, not just the departure station.
  • Tickets are normally available to print 15 minutes after your online booking is complete, but it can take up to 2 hours. 
  • The following details are required to collect UK rail tickets: Bank card, collection reference (“PNR”). 
Any valid bank (debit or credit) card will work to collect your tickets; it does not have to be the same card you used for payment. 

Collecting tickets: Step-by-step guide

Welcome menu
If required, select your language from the welcome screen by firmly pressing the corresponding flag on the touch screen menu. 
Select “Collect” or “Collect pre-paid tickets” from the welcome screen.

Insert a card 
Insert a valid bank card into the card reader. This is for identification purposes only. Your card will not be charged and you do not need to enter your PIN.

Remove your card
When prompted, remove your card from the card reader.

Enter your collection reference
Your collection reference, sometimes called PNR (Passenger Name Record) or TOD (ticket on departure) reference, is an 8-character code that you can find in your booking confirmation email. It is different from your  Loco2 order reference (Loco2 order references are 8 characters beginning with “LO-").  If you purchased tickets from multiple operators, or for more than one journey, please note that you may have more than one reference. Please ensure you enter the correct reference for the UK portion of your journey.

Print and retrieve your tickets
Once your collection reference is confirmed your tickets will start to print automatically; they will dispense from a slot beneath the screen.
The number of tickets being issued will be indicated on the screen. Please wait until all tickets have printed before you retrieve them.

Collecting your tickets with PayPal

If you purchased using PayPal, you can still collect your tickets using any valid bank card. Simply follow the steps outlined above using a valid bank card.

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