Problem with your order: Checkout error

Do not purchase new tickets if you experience a problem with your booking after submitting your payment details. We are usually able to resolve the problem and a member of Loco2 staff will be in touch as soon as possible.


What is a checkout error?

Occasionally our software experiences a technical issue with a rail operator's system at checkout, right at the point of purchase. We call these "checkout errors" and we take them very seriously. If you encounter a checkout error you will see a "Problem with your order" message after you have submitted your payment details, instead of a "Booking Complete" screen

Why did I experience a checkout error?

Checkout errors are usually due to one of the following reasons:

  • Print at home tickets failed to download
    If we can't download your tickets straight away, our software will automatically try again a few minutes later. In most cases, this is successful and your tickets and confirmation email will be sent a few minutes later. 
  • Reservations/fares aren't available
    Sometimes, tickets which appeared to be available disappear at the last moment. If this is the case, your booking may not have been successful. 
  • Other unknown errors within in the rail operator's booking system that we can't predict.
In all cases, Loco2 staff will be made aware of the problem and will try to resolve it as quickly as possible.

How to proceed

  • Do not purchase new tickets, either on Loco2 or elsewhere. Because the nature of checkout errors varies we cannot confirm if your booking was successful without further investigation. However, we are usually able to confirm your booking and issue your tickets. 
  • You will receive an automatic email which confirms that we have been notified.
  • A member of Loco2 staff will be in touch as soon as possible, including on weekends, but if you are using the site from outside the UK please bear in mind the time difference. We will already have been alerted (checkout errors trigger an automatic alert to the team) but you may contact us if you wish.

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