Are there discounts for group travel?

Loco2 does not currently support bookings for large groups (10 or more passengers), but we can advise you about how to make a group reservation with the rail operator directly. 

Discounts are often available for groups of passengers travelling together. However, it is not usually possible to make group bookings online since they require authorisation by the rail operator. 

Please note that Loco2's Booking Terms and Conditions specify that group reservations must be made via the proper channels. Each rail operator reserves the right to cancel tickets, require passengers to purchase new tickets at the rate available at the time of travel or to exclude them from travelling. Any passenger choosing to make bookings for groups of 10 or more passengers via the website do so at their own risk.

Rail operator Discount  Contact information
Deutsche Bahn  30-70% for groups of six or more   Deutsche Bahn group travel
Eurostar   Up to 10% discount for groups of nine or more passengers Eurostar group travel
SNCF   Variable depending on the train/route SNCF group travel
Renfe Variable depending on train/route. Renfe group
UK large groups Each UK rail operator offers varying discounts for groups of 10 or more passengers.  National Rail group travel
UK small groups GroupSave offers groups of three to nine adults travelling together 1/3 off Off-Peak tickets on  participating train company services. Unlike large group bookings, GroupSave tickets can be booked on Loco2 and are applied automatically to qualifying searches.
See  UK train tickets - ticket types & discounts for more information.

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