Can I book my car on the AutoTrain?

Loco2 does not currently offer tickets for the AutoTrain, since they can only be booked over the telephone. We recommend that you contact SNCF's representative in the UK, Voyages SNCF, for more information and to make a booking for a vehicle.

There are a few long-distance trains in Europe that carry vehicles including cars and motorbikes. The most comprehensive information is available via the Man in Seat61's guide to Motorail trains. Note that normal passenger trains in Europe do not carry cars or motorbikes, only passengers and sometimes bicycles. 

SNCF operates a special service, called the AutoTrain, which carries cars and motorbikes on selected routes in France. This is separate from passenger services, which do not permit carriage of motor vehicles. Passengers may not travel on the AutoTrain, and should make reservations on a TGV or night train service, picking up and dropping off their vehicle at either end.

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