Seating preferences & choosing a seat

This article explains how to choose your seating preferences during the booking process.


Seating preferences on trains

You can request window, aisle, or table seats, depending on how many passengers there are in your group. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to specify forward facing seats.

We always offer seating preferences where available. So, if you are not offered a choice this is usually because the train does not have reserved seating, or the functionality is not made available by the rail operator.

Choosing seats on double-decker TGV trains (TGV Duplex)

For double-decker TGV Duplex trains within France, it is usually possible to choose the upper or lower deck. We can't guarantee your preference, but if there is availability on your preferred deck, your seats will be allocated accordingly.

The available preferences will be displayed during the booking process:
You can review the seats that have been allocated before checkout. If you are not happy with the selection, you can add one or two more tickets to your basket and choose your preferred seats - just make sure to delete any unwanted tickets before completing your order.
Upper/lower deck preference not shown
We display all seating preferences that are made available to us by the rail operator. And, unfortunately, we are not able to offer a choice of upper or lower deck seats by default.
It is not possible to specify upper or lower deck on double-decker trains between France - Spain (Renfe-SNCF), including between Paris and Barcelona. We recommend checking the seats you've been assigned before checkout (61 and above are upper deck). We have a separate Help article that addresses this: Seating preferences on Paris - Barcelona TGV Duplex.

Reviewing your seats

In most cases, you can see which seats you have been allocated on the Basket page before proceeding to the checkout on the "Times and seats" menu. We'll show your seat and coach number and any additional information regarding your seats in parentheses e.g. (window, table for four, upper deck etc.).

The only exception is Deutsche Bahn (DB) tickets, which occasionally only show your assigned seats on the actual ticket; you won't be able to view them in your Loco2 booking.

It's possible to cross-reference allocated seats with the seating plans available on Seat 61 (the plans give an idea of what to expect, but please note that Loco2 cannot take responsibility for accuracy).
Seat over
If you see "seat over" instead of a seat number, that means all assigned seats have been booked. An "overseat" or overflow seat is a ticket issued by the rail operator when all seats have been reserved. Only a few of these seats are issued per train.
There are fold-down seats on the train within the vestibule area for overseat ticket holders. You are also able to sit in any free seat during travel as some customers with reserved seats usually will not turn up.

Choosing specific seats

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer the choice of specific seats from a seating plan because the rail operators and bus carriers do not currently offer this functionality via their web services.

If you have booked tickets with a rail operator besides Eurostar and are unhappy with your seats, you may refund or exchange tickets if the fare conditions allow. You can then book new tickets, checking the seating allocations on the basket page before checkout.

Seating preferences on buses

If you've booked a journey with a bus operator (this is different than a bus operated by a train company, such as Deutsche Bahn), your seat reservation won't be shown until after you've paid, and in some cases you'll only see it on your ticket. However, you will always have a reserved seat. The following preferences are available:

  • Front or back of the bus
  • Window or aisle

If you're traveling in a group, we'll prioritise seating you together over your seating preference.

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