Do I need a seat reservation?

For most tickets sold on Loco2, seat reservations are required, and where this is the case it's not possible to purchase tickets without the reservation. 

Where trains don't require seat reservations (or where it's not possible to reserve seats at all), there are usually lots of free seats on the train.


Compulsory reservations

Almost all tickets sold on Loco2 have compulsory seat reservations. If the reservations are compulsory, you will be automatically assigned seats when you add your tickets to your basket. You can request the type of seat you would prefer (See:  Seating preferences & choosing a seat). 

Optional reservations

Reservations are usually a good idea on trains that don’t require them, just in case the train happens to be full. The only trains currently sold on Loco2 with optional seat reservations are those operated by the German rail operator, Deutsche Bahn. For these trains, seat reservations can be added for an extra fee, and you can do this on the Ticket Details page:

All first class tickets are automatically assigned a seat reservation, which is included in the ticket price. 

If you did not select an operational seat reservation, this can be purchased separately from Deutsche Bahn. For more information about how this can be done, please see our article  Seat reservations on German trains.

Trains without reservations

Lots of regional trains do not have seat reservations at all. Most regional trains typically have plenty of spare seating for all passengers, though you may find that they are busy during peak commuter travel times (when people travel to work in the early morning and return in the evening).

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