Postal tickets

The vast majority of tickets sold on Loco2 are available as print-at-home, collect-at-station, or "paperless" tickets. These can be purchased by anyone, regardless of location; see Ticket delivery options for more information.

A small number of tickets are only available by post to a UK address (which can be different from your billing address). 


Which tickets are only available by post?

Routes currently only covered by postal tickets include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • City Night Line (CNL) tickets for night trains in Germany and adjoining countries.
  • Domestic Swiss tickets (wholly within Switzerland)
  • Domestic Dutch tickets (wholly within the Netherlands)
  • Domestic Austrian tickets
  • Domestic Hungarian tickets
  • Domestic Polish tickets
  • Eurocity trains from Warsaw to Berlin via Deutsche Bahn (tickets from Berlin to Warsaw are available on Loco2) 

Postal tickets are primarily offered for routes and networks where Loco2 does not have a direct connection to the national rail operator. We are continually striving to expand the coverage of our tool; you can keep track of our progress by checking the  map of our ticket coverage.   

How to check if tickets are only available by post

If UK postal delivery is the only option, this will be clearly indicated throughout the booking process. This is to ensure that international customers do not accidentally proceed to purchase without having a valid UK delivery address specified.

You will see an alert on the Ticket Details page: 

And again at checkout: 

Delivery options & charges 

Loco2 offers a choice of postal delivery:

First Class post (£2.25) - we expect tickets to arrive within five working days, but please allow up to 14 days for delivery. In the unlikely event tickets are lost in the post, a £25 re-issuing charge will apply.

Special Delivery (£6.25) - we expect tickets to arrive within five working days, but please allow up to 14 days for delivery. In the unlikely event tickets are lost in the post, no re-issuing fee will be applied.

The estimated delivery time for both options is the same. The difference in price exists because Special Delivery includes insurance so if tickets are lost in the post you won't be required to pay a reissuing fee.

Delivery time & lost tickets

Postal tickets usually arrive with five working days, but you should allow up 14 working days for delivery.

If you haven’t received your tickets within 14 days, you must contact us so we can notify the rail operator and arrange for redelivery if necessary.

Reissuing lost tickets

In the rare occurrence that tickets are lost in the post, we contact the rail operator and ask for them to be reissued. The rail operator charges a fee (minimum £15) to reprint the ticket/s, plus postage (minimum £8) to courier the replacement tickets to you. 

Royal Mail do not offer any compensation if First Class post is lost, so we can't recoup our costs. Therefore, if you choose First Class delivery and the item is lost, we charge a £25 reissuing fee to you to cover our costs. This also applies if you supply an incorrect address which prevents delivery. If Loco2 has made a mistake, no reissuing fee will apply.   

if you opt for Special Delivery we can track the package, confirm delivery and crucially, claim compensation if the item is lost. Obviously the price of postage is more expensive, since it is inclusive of insurance. However, if an item that has been sent by Special Delivery is lost in the post, no reissuing fee will apply.  

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