Selecting different travel classes

The tickets displayed on Loco2 are determined by the rail operators, and the price is dependent on the availability of your chosen train and fares. In this article we explain how to change your ticket type or class, view your fare conditions, and mix and match your fare types for journeys with multiple legs.


Changing ticket fare and/or class

We automatically display the cheapest tickets available (these are typically Standard Class, non-flexible fares). If you wish to change your fare or class, click the drop-down menu next to the price and you'll see the available options. 

Viewing fare conditions

Once you have selected a fare, the corresponding fare conditions are displayed below: 

For specific information on ticket types and fare conditions, please see our Help article  Ticket types: Fares & flexibility.

Mixing & matching fare types

If you search for a journey with multiple legs, you are automatically assigned tickets in the same class, e.g. a search from London to Lyon will assign you Standard Class on the Eurostar and Standard Class on the TGV. However, sometimes it is preferable to split your search in order that you can mix and match tickets for different parts of your journey. This is called adding a stopover.

Stopovers are particularly useful for searches that involve Eurostar and a night train, as the system will automatically offer Standard Class throughout whereas you may prefer to travel in Sleeper accommodation on the night train (e.g. a double compartment rather than a 6-berth couchette) but are comfortable in Standard Class on the Eurostar.

It is possible to mix and match the class of tickets across multiple legs by using the "More options" functionality. This splits the search into its composite parts, allowing you to choose a different class of service for each leg. We have detailed instructions for adding a stopover in our Help article  Modifying searches by adding a via station, but the following screenshots show you the basics:

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