Troubleshooting a failed search

Searches can fail for a number of reasons ranging from complex journeys that trip up our system, to engineering works and technical issues. We are constantly trying to improve the site to reduce the number of searches that fail, but if you're having trouble finding suitable trains there are a few things you can do yourself to troubleshoot a failed search before emailing Loco2. If all else fails please contact us and we'll be happy to help.   


Check the booking horizon

Many searches fail because booking isn't open. The term 'booking horizon' refers to how far in advance you can book tickets for European trains. Booking horizons vary between trains, countries and rail operators, but three months is a good estimate for most services, with some notable exceptions such as Eurostar.
If you're not sure if booking is open you can check the following help article, How far in advance can I book? which includes information about how to set a booking reminder.

Choose "Any Station"

For cities with more than one station, your search will fail if you specify the wrong station. For example, if you choose Paris Lyon but the train departs from Paris Austerlitz, you will get an error message. To avoid this choose "any station" - the option will appear for most destinations where there is more than one station to choose between. 


Adjust your departure time

The default departure time for searches on Loco2 is 6am, which returns results for the majority of searches. If you aren't sure about the route and trains that may be offered, we recommend using the default departure time in the first instance and, if required, adjust it once you have an idea of what to expect. 

If you are searching for a particular connection or overnight train, it usually helps to add an extra hour or two to accommodate for transfers and check-in, if required. For example, to catch a night train from Paris you will need to leave London mid-afternoon, or elsewhere in the UK earlier, to have enough time to change trains. It may also help to split your search (see below).  


Split your search

Popular journeys on Loco2 are configured to split at a logical place. For instance, a split is imposed at London St. Pancras for journeys starting elsewhere in the UK en-route to Paris (any station). However, for less popular and more complex routes we may need a helping hand. If you don't know where to split your search, try a nearby town/city or contact us for help.  
For complex journeys, particularly those that cross multiple borders, require an overnight stop or a leg on a night train, it is sometimes necessary to split your search. This allows our software to query more than one rail operator and increases your chances of finding a bookable journey. 
Once you've chosen a suitable place to split your journey, you can do so by editing your search and using the "More options" functionality.

You'll be prompted enter a stopover duration. Choose a time and click "Confirm" to run the search again.  

If your journey requires changing stations to catch a connecting train (a transfer), we usually recommend leaving an hour or more to be on the safe side. You can also add extra time for lunch in Paris, or even an overnight stop.

You can also use this tool to reduce the amount of time between trains, but do so with caution. Please be advised that in the case of international trains, your trip may not be covered by the CIV rules governing international rail journeys if you opt for a very short interchange/transfer that allows enough time to change trains.  See also What happens if I miss my connection?


Check for engineering work and other disruptions

If you think that trains should run on the route you're searching for, your search is within its booking horizon and you've tried adjusting the departure time, etc, it is possible that trains aren't available. There are several possible explanations:
  • Engineering works may be scheduled on your preferred dates. Your can check live issues to see if we are already aware of scheduled disruption, or contact us to carry out some research. 
  • Some trains don't run every day, or have amended timetables on the weekend which disrupt journeys that are possible on weekdays. Try searching on dates either side or even a week later, to see if the route is feasible at other times. If you need more help, you can contact us at

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