Using railcards on Loco2

Railcards are cards you can purchase annually to get discounted train fares. Loco2 supports many of these cards, so if you have one and we support it, you can buy discounted train tickets through Loco2. Note that railcards themselves cannot currently be purchased from Loco2.


Types of railcards:

Railcards tend to fall into three separate categories (not exclusive):

Depending on the operator, there are also card options for families or groups of two (National Rail),frequent travellers and service personnel.

List of railcards supported by Loco2:

How to use your railcard on Loco2

From the search page, click "Add railcard" below the search bar.

From the drop-down menu, select your railcard. You can add multiple card types to one search.

When you conduct the search, the tickets will be discounted according to the card regulations. If the card has been applied, this will be noted on the right next to the price.

Note that when traveling, you must have your railcard with you or you will be liable to pay the full fare for your journey.

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