Problems making payment

The most common reason for problems at checkout is the 3D Secure process, which requires you enter a password to authorise the payment and we currently only offer PayPal payments from verified PayPal accounts. 


Using 3D Secure

Provided by your bank, 3D Secure is an extra layer of security for online transactions, commonly referred to as "Verified by Visa" or "Mastercard  Securecode ". 

After you have entered your payment card details, a pop-up will be loaded by your bank. The appearance may change slightly from bank to bank, but you should expect the following information:

Please enter the information requested and click 'submit' to authenticate payment.  When shopping with Loco2, the merchant will be listed as  loco2ltd.

Enrolling in 3D Secure

If you do not know your password (or you have not set up 3D Secure) you should follow the instructions on the page. If you cannot see instructions, or you have any questions, you should contact your bank, who should be able to help.
If your bank does not offer 3D Secure, please contact us. We may be able to authorise your booking without 3D Secure after verifying that you are the named cardholder.

There may be other reasons why your booking fails. The checkout page will show an error message explaining the reason. If you are unsure why your booking is failing please contact us and we will be happy to help.

In exceptional cases, you may see a message that says "Problem with your booking" after you have successfully entered all payment details, including the correct 3D Secure password. If you see this message this means that there has been a technical problem at the end of the booking process, and someone will contact you to explain what to do next. Please see  Problem with your order: Checkout error for details. 

Verifying your PayPal account

As a security measure, we only accept payment from verified PayPal accounts. Verification lets us know that you're a confirmed PayPal member with a current, active bank account or payment card associated with your account.

PayPal provides instructions for how to verify your account online. You'll need to login to your PayPal account and follow the instructions in the 'Summary' section.

It can take several working days for PayPal to verify an account. In the meantime, we recommend using a debit or credit card instead to pay. If you have a problem using a debit or credit card email us at and we will be happy to help.

If you attempt placing an order with an unverified account PayPal no payment is taken but you may still receive an email from PayPal with the subject line "You have authorised a payment to Loco2 Limited". You can see that the transaction has been cancelled and no payment was taken in PayPal by selecting the link from the Transaction ID in your PayPal email.

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