Italy: Strike action 17 May 2019

We have received notification from the Italian national rail operator, Trenitalia, that a strike is due to take place in Italy on 17 May 2019 between 09:00 and 17:00. Only regional trains and public transport will be affected. The strike will not affect Frecce and other high-speed services.

Trenitalia have guaranteed minimum transport, including between Fiumicino Airport and Rome Termini.

Trenitialia haven't provided information about specific cancellations, only that Regionale trains are affected. In the past, only a small percentage of trains were cancelled. Regionale tickets are always valid on other Regionale trains on the same route, within 4 hours of your original train. There is no need to change your ticket.

We recommend checking Trenitalia's traffic page real-time updates.

What to do if you think your journey will be affected

During the strike, passengers on cancelled trains have the option to travel on alternate Regionale trains. Trenitialia have not made refunds or exchanges free via Loco2, so if you decide not to travel you'll need to submit a claim directly to them. Please see How to submit a claim to Trenitalia for specific details.

If you have tickets for onward travel on trains which are scheduled to run as normal, refunds and exchanges are only permitted as per fare conditions. We recommend that you submit a claim to your travel insurer if you miss connections for trains not affected by the strike, or incur any additional costs.

How to request a refund

Currently, fare conditions still apply to all Trenitalia tickets. You can apply for a refund via your Loco2 account, but if your train is cancelled you should submit a claim to Trenitalia as per our instructions above.

If you didn't sign up for an account when you placed the order, you can sign up now using the same email address, and any associated bookings will appear automatically. If you don't have the Loco2 app, you can download it via the Apple App store or Google Play.

If you experience a delay

If you experience a delay to your journey, please speak to staff on the train or at the station, as they will have the most up-to-date information about how to proceed. Bear the following tips in mind:

  • If possible, you should seek to have your ticket validated by a member of staff as proof of delay as this will help ensure you can travel on subsequent connecting services.
  • Retain all tickets for the duration of your journey, and keep them until you return home as they may be required for a claim for compensation.
  • Make a note of what time you arrive, and the departure/arrival time of trains you travel on, if not your booked train.
  • If you incur any unavoidable additional costs (including any new tickets) you should keep all receipts as it may be possible to use them as the basis for a compensation claim upon your return.

Although strike action is outside the control of Loco2, we are sorry about any disruption to your travel and we will do all we can to assist you in making alternative arrangements.

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