Using voucher codes on Loco2

Voucher codes are unique references that you can apply to your order for a discount on your bus or train ticket.


How to use a voucher code 

All you'll need to do to use a voucher code is enter it on the payment page: 

Click "Apply" and you'll see an updated order total. It's that simple!

  • Note that you'll need a Loco2 account to use a voucher. (You can sign up for an account if you don't have one.)
  • Only one voucher code permitted per order. 


Voucher code amounts are non-refundable. That means even if you book a fully-refundable ticket, you won't receive the amount of the voucher back. You can refund your tickets via your Loco2 account. 

Voucher codes are not reusable. 

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