Exchanging UK Advance fare tickets

"Advance" UK train tickets are non-refundable but can be exchanged for another date/time before the departure of your original booked train.

A fee of £10.00 per person is payable, plus any difference in price for new tickets. Tickets can be exchanged in one of two ways, outlined below.

Advance fares costing less than £10.00 cannot be exchanged. If you have booked an Advance fare for less than £10.00 and want to travel at another time/date, you will need to book new tickets.

At the station

Collect your tickets from a National Rail ticket machine.
Take your tickets and seat reservations to a staffed ticket office before the departure of your original booked train.
Station staff will issue a new reservation for a different date/time. You'll need to pay a £10.00 fee per person, plus any difference in price for new tickets.
"Advance" fares are one-way only, so if you need to change both the outbound and return legs, you'll have to pay the fees and any difference in price for both legs.

Via Loco2

Some "Advance" UK tickets can now be exchanged via your Loco2 account (hooray!). It's much quicker and easier to exchange tickets this way and we hope to make this feature available to all users soon. To find out if your tickets can be exchanged via your account, please follow instructions in  our guide to exchanging your tickets. If you don't have an account, you can  sign up for one

If your tickets have not been collected and you don't have the option to exchange your tickets via your account, you can book new tickets on Loco2 before the departure of your original booked train and we'll seek a refund for the original tickets, less any fees, from the rail operator. Here's how:

Make a new booking on Loco2:
    • Before the departure of your original tickets. 
    • For exactly the same origin and destination station, on the same route.
    • For the same number of passengers.
    • Tickets won't be eligible for an exchange if the new tickets do not meet these requirements.

Send an email to hello@loco2.com with the Loco2 booking reference for your original booking and the new booking.


Loco2 will submit the exchange request to the operator who will confirm that the tickets haven't been collected (it usually takes a week or more). Once confirmed, we'll refund the cheapest set of tickets, less fees. 

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